Requirement gathering  & design

The first stage  requirement gathering is all about you — the customer. In the very first meeting itself, we encourage our customers to talk about themselves, the things that move them, the things that their kids find excitable, the things help to turn their dream home into reality etc. Knowing all this helps our designers to create a first-cut design presentation that best resonates with our clients’ likings & sensibilities.

The design phase involves sitting with our designer through multiple rounds of design iteration (functional and aesthetic). Our designer will then design your home for tomorrow by ensuring it is future-proof and will stand the test of time.

Our design phase includes.

Finalise Furniture Layout

The furniture layout stage helps you optimize space available in your home. This is a discussion based on your floor plan alone and helps you plan every inch of your floor area better.

3D Visualisation

3D Visualisation To help you visualise design details better, we use high-quality 3D visualisation tools, and show you exactly how your home will look.

Material Selection

A large part of this design stage involves selecting the exact laminate shade, fabric, internals and handles. The design process comes to a close once you’ve selected all the materials in consultation with your designer.

Tech Drawings

The 3D design needs to be converted to 2D or tech drawings which serve as inputs to the factory. The 3D drawings are therefore converted into exact heights and other relevant spatial dimensions.

Design approval

Design approval phase would be final sign off and final design sign off from customer side before starting Implementation of your dream home.


Build & install 

Team of Implementation experts will be assigned to you to implement the interiors of your home. Everything will be delivered to your doorstep, installed, assembled, and is built to last, to help transform your design dream into reality. This phase includes

Factory Production

The Project team Manager assigned to you will kick start the implementation phase by placing the production order with our factories. This phase include

On-site Installation

Once all products and materials are delivered on-site, the Project teamManager and his team of experts (carpentes, painters) work round-the-clock to complete all installation.

Quality Check

A Quality Control team is then sent to the project site to audit and review every aspect of implementation. Your dream home is now 99% complete.

After Sales Support

We hold ourselves to such high standards that we provide an Industry leading 3-5 year warranty on all interiors undertaken by us.

Work Progress Tracking

Work and tracking when done simultaneously leads to amazing results.Our effort will automatically decrease if we track, which will make our schedule accurate and up to date.