Lighting for your home ..

With the passage of time, creative ideas have given birth to new ways of lighting your home.  People nowadays are more bothered about the color, shade, and styles of lighting. Here are some ideas about lighting your home. You can choose the right kind of light fittings for your home.

There are three important types of lighting styles that will work well for your home. They are Ambient lighting, Task lighting and Accent lighting.

Ambient lighting:-

Ambient lighting – provides an area with complete illumination. It is also called general lighting and radiates a comfortable level of brightness without any glare. Chandeliers, wall-mounted fixtures and lanterns can be used for ambient lighting purposes. As a primary source of light, ambient lighting is fundamental for good lighting around your home.

Task lighting:-

Task lighting – helps you perform important tasks like cooking, reading, grooming, playing games, etc. It prevents eye fatigue caused by distracting glares, shadows but is bright enough to prevent any sort of eye strain. Modern Pendant lights, drum lights, under-cabinet lights, floor and table lamps can be used for task lighting purposes.

Accent lighting:-

Accent lighting – creates visual interest and adds drama to your interior spaces. It is used as a design scheme to draw the eye to specific décor items or accessories like paintings, sculptures, house plants, etc. It is also used to highlight textures for windows, brick walls, stone walls and outdoor landscapes. Recessed and track lights are used for accent lighting purposes.