Do Indian Kitchens need Dry and Wet separations?

Dry Kitchen vs Wet Kitchen! The latest trend is that having a separate dry kitchen in the dinning area for light cooking versus the wet kitchen is the part where the sink and dishwasher and main cooking is done.

Wet Kitchen

Generally people see that in kitchens the wet area is very dirty that leads to a lot of moisture, greasiness and untidy feel to the modular kitchen. This is where you butcher your non veg items like chicken, meat and cut up fish. Things that need a lot of cleaning.Hence the name ‘Wet Kitchen’. Whereas we customized & design the modular kitchen in such a way that wet kitchen is separate from the main kitchen that too if area allows and if not then, the kitchen cabinets & drawers are structured in a manner which prevents water seeping into cabinetry from counter top and sink area. Thus, simply amounts to extending the life of your modular kitchen.

Dry Kitchen

Dry kitchen is where one doesn’t do all the not so untidy or messy stuff, basically more to do with drier stuff like making pizzas, snacks, cutting fruits etc. A dry kitchen typically includes all the latest gizmos for built in kitchen appliances like a built in three door refrigerator, wine chiller, built in coffee machine, warming drawer, built in oven, induction hob and island chimney. Moreover in today trends people like to put a veggie wash sink just for cleaning vegetables or knife cleaning etc. Additionally it doubles as guest dining table or bar table. It can also have a little breakfast counter table & maybe even a television while cooking food.

Essentially, a wet and dry kitchen is a type of kitchen layout where the kitchen is split into two areas. The dry kitchen is usually in the air-conditioned part of the house, and open to the dining area or living room. … The wet kitchen, on the other hand..