5 painting Trends You’ll Want To Try

Colors can change the way we look at things. For instance, the shift of black and white cinema to the colored cinema not only made it more colorfully attractive but also put life in the emotions, background of the film. Colors can be used in a variety of ways to make our home look refreshing, bright and classy.

  1. Accent wall:
    An accent wall is a wall that differs from other walls of the room due to its design. There many designs available on the market and online like use stripes design, use tiles to design the wall. Use bold color complementing with other walls like sage green with white color, add a woody look by adding woodblocks to the wall. Add an ombre effect by using light to dark shades on one wall.
  2. Painted ceilings:
    Painting your ceiling differently can change the aura and appeal of the room. For instance, a dark grey color ceiling with light grey color wallpapers or paint gives a high ceiling effect look. A white room appears warmer and cheerful with lemon yellow ceilings. Just choose what you like, work on it, look for designs online or consult an expert.
  3. Colored trim:
    Interiors with different colored trims are becoming a trend these days. Colored trims highlight the colors of the walls and lighten the room. For example, grey-colored walls with white-colored trims, etc. Coloring the trim with the same color as the wall makes the room look bigger.
  4. Using two colors or more in a room:
    Try something new, you can use different shades of the same color like pink, grey, etc in the same room giving a moody style to your room. You can disguise even an unattractive item by just painting it. So think out of box try using mismatch combinations that look great unexpectedly, for instance, ultraviolet with neutral colors, blue and orange, etc or search online. Coloring your clutter minimizes visual color making the room look neat like light green and white.
  5. Embrace neutral colors:
    Grey is becoming a favorite neutral color nowadays, as it adds a subtle feel to the room. Depending on the appeal you want you can use the shade of grey, for instance, lighter shades suits bedrooms and living areas. This is because they give a cozy and warmer look where darker shades give a sophisticated and classy look so you use it at a place you want to show off. A red neutral-colored entrance gives a warm vibe. Neutral colors like beige, blue, lilac, etc can also be used.

Add life to your house by adding colors that make you cheerful and lively because whether you believe it or not but every house tells a story. With the variety of colors present in the market, you can try out different combinations at home. And the best part is you don’t have to paint the entire room. So use this golden opportunity to satisfy your love for colors. I hope this article helps you.