2020 Home design and color trends

Primitive or modern era home is a need which has not changed with time although now it’s sizes are becoming smaller due to the increase in population. But it is still indispensable. Home designs are varying from minimalist to maximalist. Color trends are changing depending on factors like how they look, how they make you feel and even on which generation is choosing it. Here are some ideas which might help you to do so:

  1. Minimalistic approach:
    With the rise in population and decrease space, people are leaning towards Japanese influenced designs. These minimalistic designs are not only good for a calmer brain but also decrease visual and physical clutters in houses. Light or neutral colored wall colors with light-colored furniture give a simple but classy look to the home. And saving on electricity too by making the room brighter. Multipurpose furniture makes it space-efficient.
  2. Biophilia design:
    It is becoming a new trend these days. It is a mixture of natural elements with human design in a natural way. Recycled woods are used to build furniture for the house while using metals, stones, woods and other earthy materials other rooms like the bedroom and bathrooms are carved into ethereal spaces.
  3. Use of floral prints:
    Beautiful flowers are like mood swingers they make you feel refreshed. With the variety of floral wallpapers available in the market, you can easily search for your type the good thing is you can easily change them with time. Nowadays vibrant colors like red, orange, yellow are quite popular and with right contrasting colors they can easily light up your space.
  4. Maximalism designing:
    Living larger than life was always a trend of rich because not everyone could afford it. Due to social media, everyone wants to live a life like that. It is the exact opposite of the minimalistic approach. It’s all about sophisticated designs that show the wealthiest of the owner but needs to be crafted well like Bold, bright colors with extravagant decors. So that it won’t look like a house overcrowded and filled with expensive things.
  5. Combining old and new:
    Every house tells a story, for instance, a clean and warm outdoors house invites the person looking it whereas a house filled with dust tells it no human habitation or needs to be cleaned. Some of the old furniture can be remodeled or mixed with new items to make it look trendy. Add beautiful memories to your house by keeping some old things as a souvenir of old happy memories.


2020 home designs and colors can see a shift of big houses to small houses that are easy to manage and clean. Humans are made up of natural elements, no matter how advanced we get human feelings will always crave nature. Cutting down trees for space has only decreased greenery in our environment so houses with great outdoors will help soothe your mood and creativity. No matter what designs you choose just make sure it connects with you.